The Discoveries

Week 1

Begin your journey

Explore where you are in life, how you want the program to help you become your best.


Week 2

Self Discovery

A series of personality, skills and interest surveys gives you insights into your personal strengths, values and abilities.

Week 3

Team Working

Work with a small group to create a business and marketing plan.


Week 4


Work with a small team at a non profit organization.


Week 5

Mapping your choices

Explore different career choices with professionals on your team.


Create budgets for your goals.

Develop plans and strategies to achieve your life goals. 

Week 7

Create your Vision Board.

Bring your plans and goals to life as a visual statement.

Week 8


Work with your team on a project that challenges you to learn, innovate, collaborate and succeed.

Week 9

Job Shadow

See what it is like to work at your target professions.

Week 10

Graduation Celebration

Update your vision board, resume, and  album from your Smarter Year.